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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2013 1:30am-2:01am PST

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just a drop in the middle where another clock has pulled away from the edge. the higher hill on the outside edge of the rich and the depression is the drop. surface erosion is an acute issue. >> you can see the evidence of the houses directly adjacent. we have similar conditions to that. if you go around the corner around the seacliff, where in fact there has been significant movement and in fact many of the homeowners along that portion of the seacliff have had to come back in and do extensive foundation repair and massive walls to protect the home while the slope [inaudible] >> here we have the shallow
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slides, a debris slides. during earthquakes, they are both activated and the movement on the deep sea slides accelerates as well as the official material that erodes. >> if there's one point that is brought home from this discussion of landslides is san francisco is a part of the community that experiences many types of landslides, rockfalls, deportations. we need to be aware of the geologic and topographic setting we are in. when we are planning to build our home or buy a home or at additions to the home. if i have one suggestion, that
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is to seek information from the apartment building inspection. if you're not satisfied, there is ample information there. a geologist needs an opinion of the stability of the environment you're in. >> the building department will typically require that kind of information. people will do a major edition. what we are wondering is why we require that information. >> great, thank you very much. it is terrific. it is fun to see a lot of the city. thank you.
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